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Henry's Hunan (Noe Valley)
Henry's Hunan (Noe Valley)
1708 Church Street, San Francisco, CA 94131
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Henry's Hunan (Noe Valley)

1708 Church Street, San Francisco, CA 94131

Chinese cuisine in San Franciscosound like too much of a clich? Were proving it doesnt have to be. We are Henrys Hunan, located at 1708 Church Street and 4753 Mission Street, and we have been serving the community with outstanding Chinese delicacies in a way not many other restaurants can match. What do we mean by that? Well, we pride ourselves on offering a fun, friendly experience when you dine with usa place where youre always considered part of our family and where youre always welcome. Henrys likes to think of it as the neighbor who lives next door that always waves and cares about how youre doing

Meats, noodles, pot stickers, veggie dishes and soupsif you can dream it, we can make it here at Henrys. If youre looking to step away from the ultra-chic and fancy and sometimes pretentious dining offerings in San Francisco, look no further than the charming Henrys.

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Stop in and share an order of delicious dumplings with the entire tableor, perhaps sample our Won Ton Soup, exhibiting a light body and flavor and loaded with firm, savory won tons. Our Beef Fried Rice is often described as to die for, with generous pieces of thin, lean beef while Henrys Special is a dish not to be missed, exploding and overflowing with shrimp, scallops and chicken.

Consider the way we do things at Henrys, and you wouldnt be surprised that our cuisine is so coveted: Our woks are cleaned after each dish is cooked, guaranteeing not only unsurpassed cleanliness, but fresh flavors with every menu item thats created. Our vegetables are of farmers market grade, our noodles for Chow Mein dishes sourced direct and fresh from Chinatown.

Carve out some time and stop by Henrys Hunanwe are sure we will become your favorite Chinese restaurant in the entire city!

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